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A Fragile Peace Interviews Pirates

Dear friends,

Thank you to all who recently made donations to the film. We had a great shoot in Hastings, England on July 16th, where we interviewed locals on PM Boris Johnson's resignation and Brexit. What we did not know was that it was Pirate Day in Hastings! Hastings Pirate Day 2022 included “live music on 2 separate stages at the Stade and on the Pier, pirate acts, parrots, storytelling, and treasure hunts."(

We got a ton of great interviews, but it was inconclusive whether the majority of Pirates supported Remain or Leave the EU! Although many had strong opinions over Fishing Rights and the Sea Border…

Our weekly newsletter will now include a segment called "Question For The Filmmakers" where we answer all your questions regarding Brexit and filmmaking. This week’s question is from actor/boxer John Duddy. (Video below Donor Thank You.)

More to come.


A Fragile Peace Team

Hastings Leave Pirate

Hastings Remain Pirate

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